Watch Tony Abbott Get Roasted In This Meghan Trainor Pisstake ‘Dear Future PM’

Everyone’s favourite budgie smuggling onion-muncher, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, has held the seat of power in Australia for two prolific years now.

And for a recap of all the great and glorious things that Tone has achieved during his berserk joyride in the driver’s seat of our fair nation, you could listen to this 90-second parliamentary speech from Shadow Minister for Communications, Jason Clare, which has gone viral AF since being uploaded on Monday…

Happy Birthday Australia – 2 Years of the Abbott Government in 90 seconds.

Posted by Jason Clare on Monday, September 7, 2015

…OR you could watch the team from Aussie sketch comedy series Open Slather sing and dance in fabulous technicolour about our fearless leader’s various accomplishments (or lack thereof), while an Abbott lookalike twerks in his dickies and makes out with Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, in a cute but on-point parody of Meghan Trainor’s awful hit, Dear Future Husband.

Or, you know, Por que no los dos?


Open Slather airs on Foxtel’s The Comedy Channel, every Sunday night from 7.30pm AEST. Enjoy.

Watch: Dear Future PM: Meghan Trainor Parody

Watch: Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband

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