Watch Trap Them’s Frontman Break Both His Feet & Carry On With The Show

We’ve already seen Dave Grohl break a leg and continue on rocking, but Ryan McKenney, frontman of Boston grindcore outfit Trap Them, has gone one better, by breaking both his feet and carrying on with the show.

During a recent gig in the Netherlands, McKenney jumped off a speaker cabinet and ended up destroying himself, but like a true professional he carried on as if nothing had happened. Okay, he did have to lean on stage monitors to complete the show, but that’s really not a bad effort given that he was completely f*cked.

“It’s true. Ryan fucked himself up a few nights ago, mid set at Bloodshed Fest (And finished the set on broken heels and one broken ankle btw),” Trap Them say on Facebook.

“He was treated and released that night from the local hospital… Needless to say he won’t be standing up for a while, but we want to let everyone know we are still playing every show we have booked throughout the rest of the year. Nothing will be cancelled. All tour dates are listed below. Thanks for the support.”


This isn’t the first time a muso has kept the show rolling after sustaining a foot injury. Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine broke her foot at Coachella last year, and spent a number of shows sitting down, as did Axl Rose, who performed a number of Guns N’ Roses reunion shows in a throne after he broke his foot.

The same thing seems to have happened to McKenney, with the frontman now opting to perform shows in an office chair with his two feet bandaged up pretty heavily.

At this point, it seems you haven’t truly been a rockstar until you’ve broke something and carried on. Welcome to the club, McKenney.

See before and after footage of McKenney’s foot injuries, below.


#trapthem about 1 minute before he broke his foot #bloodshedfest #dynamo @trapthem

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Much respect to @trapthem for putting on a great show! #TrapThem

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