Watch Triple J’s Ben & Liam Get Pranked With A Fake Kendrick Lamar Interview


Everyone’s favourite morning radio silly buggers, triple j‘s Ben & Liam, got a taste of their own medicine after they pranked their boss, Lachlan Macara, twice last week.

As part of their ‘Wednesday Wake-Up Call’ segment, the breakfast duo phoned their boss shortly after 6am and woke him up by playing Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’.

To apologise for doing it the first time, the boys rang him up again on Thursday at the same time of day to express how sorry they were – to which Macara was – or seemed like he was – extremely unimpressed. According to, the boys were actually pulled off air for a ‘meeting’ with Macara in regards to the phone calls.

But now, Macara has the last laugh with a seemingly elaborate prank involving a fake interview with Kendrick Lamar, who the duo are big fans of.

The prank, pulled off with the help of triple j‘s music director and Ben & Liam’s producer, had the duo prepping themselves for what would’ve been an absolute ripper of a phone interview, under the guise that Kendrick is dropping new music (he isn’t), only to be essentially Rick-rolled by that very same Evanescence song.

Sweet, sweet justice. Watch the full prank below.

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