Watch Twenty One Pilots’ Frontman Get His Shirt Shredded By Rabid Fans During Crowd Surfing Incident

Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph has been mauled by rabid fans while attempting to crowd surf during the band’s set at this year’s Reading & Leads festival.

Shit got real as soon as the multi-talented singer dived into the crowd at the end of the band’s hit Car Radio, with the overly turnt Skeleton Clique going on a goddamn feeding frenzy and ripping his shirt to shreds, while yanking the mask right off his head.

Video footage of the encounter (frustratingly) only shows the beginning and the aftermath of the whole incident, with the camera cutting to focus on drummer Josh Dun as soon Joseph gets swallowed up by the handsy crowd.

But we see him emerge and climb onto a raised podium in the pit some two-and-a-half minutes later, sporting a tattered white rag around his neck #RIPshirt.

It appears as if the incident may have also prompted the earth-conquering two-piece to cut their set short. In the video, Joseph seems to be urging Dun to wrap things up.

“Thanks everyone. We gotta be done. Josh, that’s it. We gotta be done,” he says.

Either way, the rest of the Clique aren’t happy with the way that their Reading & Leads brethren treated Blurryface.

The hashtag #RespectTylerJoseph has begun trending online, with hundreds of Twenty One Pilots fans calling on their brothers and sisters to stop acting like heathens and treat the band with the respect they deserve.

Catch some of their tweets – alongside video footage of the whole thing – below.

Watch: Tyler Joseph Gets Attacked Attempting To Crowd Surf @ Reading Festival 2016

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