Watch Tyler From Twenty One Pilots Crash A Random Karaoke Bar To Perform ‘Stressed Out’ On A Dare

A group of punters at a random US karaoke bar have been hit in the face with a shock grenade after Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph crept into the establishment at the stroke of midnight and jumped up on stage to perform one of his own songs.

The TOP ledgehammer was apparently on a late night pizza run with his family when one of them dared him to get up and sing his own chart-smashing hit ‘Stressed Out’, to which he responded by asserting full dominance.

“When you dare your brother in law to karaoke his own song…and he does just to call your bluff!” Joseph’s brother-in-law posted on Instagram. “Some of the people thought he ‘looked like that one guy’ and was ‘a pretty good singer’…some didn’t care. Fun night with the fam!”

While another member of the Joseph clan posted: “We had an Impromptu late night pizza run turned karaoke concert for the 20 people there at midnight …they were shocked and we were loving it.”

Yep, assuming the stage in front of no more than 21 people, the twenty one pilots singer quipped: “This song I actually wrote myself. Let’s get the lyrics up here so I can remember the words…”

Big of a sea change from the 20K+ crowds he was performing in front of during his band’s recent Australian tour but hey.

His name’s Blurry Face but this time he don’t care what you think.

Catch a montage of Snapchat & Instagram footage of the whole thing below.

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