Watch UK Metal Act TesseracT Play A Gig On A Giant Igloo

UK Djent crew TesseracT took cool gigs to the next this year when they performed an entire concert in Finland on a giant stage made entirely out of ice.

Reports Metal Hammer the gig was part of Jagermeister’s Ice Cold series and took place at Lapland’s Snow Village in Kittila – a man-made village which is built every year from 20,000,000kg of snow and 350,000kg of clear, natural ice.

The village reportedly covers an area of 20,000 square metres and also features a hotel, ice restaurant, ice cocktail bar, chapel and cinema. Footage of the performance (below) shows the band playing on the giant ice structure to a brave audience, accompanied by a spectacular light show.

“One of the main challenges is keeping the instruments at the same temperature,” bassist Amos Williams told Metal Hammer. “If the strings become colder during the set then tuning will become a massive issue.”

To battle the other concern of actual frozen limbs, the band were given a special small heat pack to hold between songs during the 75-minute set. The band reportedly had to round up an audience themselves by heading out to local bars and restaurants. Around one hundred locals turned up, likely swayed by the promise of free Jager, to watch the record-setting show.

“It’s an honour,” said vocalist Dan Tompkins. “There are, not just so many bands, but so many people on Earth. I just kept thinking in my head, ‘7 billion people on this planet. Five of us.’ We are the only five people that have done this.

“We did Sonisphere and that was incredible, but this is something else.”

Watch footage of the gig below.

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