Watch UK Pirate Radio Crew Kurupt FM Attempt “To Make Ed Sheeran Less Shit”

In collaboration with the BBC, Kurupt FM from UK sitcom People Just Do Nothing have teamed up with Ed Sheeran to remix one of his songs.

In the skit, written for upcoming Red Nose Day, the Kurupt FM guys find themselves working with the singer-songwriter on a remix of his new song ‘What Do I Know?’

Their ultimate goal? To “made Ed Sheeran less shit”. It’s a difficult journey though. For starters the boys don’t even recognise Ed, and when they do they mispronounce his name as Ed Sheerer.

The looks on their faces when they realise they’re not working with Stormzy is absolute gold, and the preview of the track at the end of the video sounds a heap more interesting than the original track.

The skit timed particularly well, with Sheeran’s latest album Divide receiving harsh reviews from critics despite gaining widespread commercial success.

Check it out below.

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