Watch ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Record A Classic ‘Mighty Boosh’ Crimp

The world’s perennial music parodist, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, has taken to the famous Third Man Records Voice-O-Graph booth to record an acapella medley straight to vinyl, including the much-loved four-way crimp from British television series The Mighty Boosh.

Weird Al’s session with the Voice-O-Graph (below) sees him and his pals huddle around the 1947 machine before belting out two minutes of on-point vocals, including his Yoda chant, the Frère Jacques nursery rhyme and one of the most beloved Boosh crimps.

Sadly, not Howard Moon, nor Vince Noir, Naboo or Bollo were there to join in the fun, but ‘Weird Al’ and his team gave their best rendition of that eternal verse, which we quote in full below for your enjoyment:

Crimpity crimpity now now,

Crimpity crimpity ask me how

Crimpity crimpity humble pie

Crimpity crimpity

Boing ding bong bong ting

Crimpity crimpity ping pong

Previous big-name visitors to the Voice-O-Graph include Neil Young, Weezer and of course, Third Man Records founder Jack White, who actually sat down for coffee with ‘Weird Al’ earlier this year after saying that he would know that he had “made it” when he had coffee with the comedic singer-songwriter.

‘Weird Al’ has confirmed that he will be bringing The Mandatory World Tour to Australia and New Zealand at the end of the year, but is yet to officially announce his tour dates.

Watch ‘Weird Al’ crimp it up at Third Man Records, below, and treat yo’ self to the original for old times’ sake.

Watch: Weird Al Yankovic – Third Man Record Booth

Watch: The Mighty Boosh – Four-Way Crimp

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