Wavves Reveal Details On Hip Hop-Inspired Fourth Album

Californian surf-punk darlings Wavves have announced that they will be approaching their upcoming album with a more hip hop perspective. The record, which will mark the band’s 4th in total, is set to be a 13-track new full-length, up for release on March 26, 2013.

The news came from the group’s frontman Nathan Williams, who explained to Rolling Stone that the band had been infusing hip hop beats over their well-known surf-punk guitar buzz. Williams added, “The idea of that was interesting to me, to see if it could mix. Just make it seem like it should be there.”

The band seem keen to keep exploring their musical universe: “Every time that we record something I want it to sound different than previous efforts. It’s definitely a different pace than anything we’ve ever put out before,” he said in the interview.

Williams also revealed that pretty much the whole recording process was booze-fuelled, confessing, “This past year has ruined my liver. I drank more during the recording process than I’ve ever drunk,” he explained.” NME has stated that tracks on the release will bear names such as Dog, I Can’t Dream, Sail to the Sun, Paranoid and Everything Is My Fault.

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