Wayne Coyne: “Erykah Badu Is A Controversial Entity”

The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has fired the latest shot in the ongoing video saga between his band and Erykah Badu – stating that Badu’s reaction to the video is “in the realm of a creation of controversy”.

NME reports that Coyne made the comments to BBC Radio 6 at a festival in Manchester, insisting that the video for their collab The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face was “wonderful” and Badu’s public display of twitter rage was a means of generating more publicity.

Coyne earlier this week repeatedly apologised for leaking an unapproved edit of the video for The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face to the Pitchfork website – starting a Twitter war between him and Badu, who told him to “kiss my glittery ass”.

The clip features shots of Badu and her sister Nayrok naked in a bathtub, and a series of trippy sequences involving milk and gilter.

“She is a controversial entity in the world”, Coyne told BBC Radio 6, “So everything that she does has an element of her doing art”.

“This video to me is not controversial, it’s wonderful, and I think Erykah knew she could play into it if we made a video that could be perceived as derogatory. Otherwise I don’t think she’d be interested in it.

“I think [her reaction] is still in the realm of a creation of controversy.”

Watch the video for The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face here – via Perez TV:

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