Weird Al’s Lorde Parody ‘Foil’ Comes With A Twist

Weird Al Yankovic has debuted the third video in a series of eight he’s unveiling this week to celebrate the release of his latest album, Mandatory Fun. Here, Al takes on Lorde‘s 2013 smash Royals, and educates the public on the dangers of improperly stored food and, uh, other dangers.

We’ll warn you now, the latest parodic tale from the mind of Weird Al is kind of a curve ball. It starts off with the typical Weird Al fare – he hosts an infommercial and gets help from comedian Patton Oswalt in lauding the utility of aluminium foil. Just be prepared for the complete 180 when it comes.

Foil follows on from yesterday’s Word Crimes, a parody of Robin Thicke‘s own 2013 breakthrough smash, Blurred Lines. Al kicked his eight-video saga off earlier this week with a parody of Pharrell‘s Happy titled Tacky, featuring an all-star cast that included Jack Black, Aisha Tyler, and more.

Check out all of this week’s new music right here!

Check out all of this week’s new videos right here!

Watch: Weird Al Yankovic – Foil

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