Weird Al’s ‘Sports Song’ Is Everything There Is To Know About Sports

Truth be told, we never really had Weird Al Yankovic pegged as much of a jock or even much of a sports fan. We always cast him as more of the straight-A music geek type, but Al’s latest video, Sports Song, is making us eat our words, as The Weird One drops some serious sports knowledge.

Having taken on the tackiness, word criminals, aluminium foil (and the Illuminati), and handymen, Al now leads the marching band as he delivers a message straight from the hearts of sports fans everywhere: “Your sports team is vastly inferior / That simple fact is plainly obvious to see“. Preach!

Weird Al has been busy giving us one of the greatest weeks of our musical lives as he unveils eight music videos to celebrate his latest album, Mandatory Fun. The album proves that antipodeans are absolutely killing it at the moment, with parodies of Lorde and Iggy Azalea featured on the album.

Check out all of this week’s new music right here!

Check out all of this week’s new videos right here!

Watch: Weird Al Yankovic – Sports Song

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