What’s All This About Daft Punk At SXSW?

Another day, another Daft Punk rumour, but this one has some solid credibility to it, rather than some dude running his mouth that he is somehow involved – as Austin, Texas swells to capacity during this year’s SXSW gala, posters are appearing on poles in the streets that suggest that Daft Punk will be doing something, anything in a matter of hours.

As you will see in the below picture, courtesy of Twitter user and Austin muso @galvanix, ‘Disco Is Alive’ and presumably still will be as of Friday, 15th March. Other than the two Daft Punk helmets, that’s all she wrote. At this point, it’s impossible to know just what Disco Is Alive means. Is it a single? Or the album?! A PERFORMANCE?! Or some sort of mantra chanted between the French duo while in the studio?!?!

Now, there have been a bunch of billboard posters going up all over Austin, and they look official enough. Still, who doesn’t advertise down there at this time of year?

One thing’s for sure – we will find out if there’s any truth to anything tomorrow.

We DO know that the pair have been hard at it – over the past couple of months some concrete facts have come out about the new album including a strange ad that aired during SNL, as well as a bit of an album art teaser posted on the band’s website.

This could very easily be some sort of evil troll. But we strongly suggest you don’t move for 24 hours, as something will happen either way. Get comfortable.

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