Will Radiohead Or Coldplay Make A Cameo At Harvest Festival?

Harvest Festival head honcho AJ Maddah has created an air of excitement with a single Twitter post that has led to speculation that either Radiohead or Coldplay may be making a cameo appearance at Harvest.

Maddah’s tweet suggests that ‘a few visiting luminaries’ will be hanging around at Harvest Festival 2012, with Maddah concluding, “If only I could find a way to entice them on to the stage…”. Both Radiohead or Coldplay will be in the country for their respective Australian tours, as too are other international acts such as Ben Harper and Elton John.

Whomever it may be and whichever location they appear at, anyone headed to Harvest may be in for a very special day. However, should nothing eventuate from Maddah’s tweet, Harvest 2012 still boasts a killer lineup, with Beck, Sigur Rós, Ben Folds Five, Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane, Grizzly Bear, Chromatics and Liars plus many more.

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