Wolfmother Vs triple j – The Beef Goes On

Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale would be making a wise move he if decided to pick his battles, rather than taking on all-comers. That’s what’s been happening today on the musician’s Twitter, where he is fighting a losing war against triple j and its supporters.

The tit-for-tat keyboard battle is the outcome of recent bad blood between the band and the youth radio station that began following Wolfmother’s set at Splendour this weekend, triple j targeting the diminishing fan base of the once-relevant act. What was a hilarious troll seemed to really hit a nerve with Stockdale, who admitted himself that it was “cool to hate Wolfmother”, but also shot back, berating the station and staff as “left wing conservatives”.

Though despite it now being obvious that Stockdale was in an overreacting mood over the issue, the trolls continued, with Tom and Alex’s Tom Ballard getting a cheeky jab in. Ballard was soon joined by Balls of Steel ‘comedian’ Rhys Nicholson, 1-2ing Stockdale into submission, Tom Ballard of course taking the cake after announcing the currently less than popular The Doctor will be replaced on The Drive program by Stockdale, truly granting listeners’ wishes…

Phil Jamison from Grinspoon may or may not have joined in on the anti-Wolfmother movement, though not sure if he’s trolling, or being serious… So which is a worse assault on the ears, Wolfmother or triple j? Did Stockdale overreact? Isn’t all this adverse publicity helping in the lead-up to the new album? Is it cool that triple j started this knowing that media would be all over it, and distracted from The Doctor’s supposed louse reporting? Just…so many questions.


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