The World Has Its First Levitating Turntable

Standard vinyl players that sit comfortably on a flat surface is getting born so thank goodness the next best thing has arrived.

The first levitating turntable has arrived and, well, it looks pretty glorious.

It, “brings the feeling of zero gravity into your living room,” apparently and while it may seem like a slightly unnecessary development, the turntable is a thing of beauty.

Basically, the platter that the vinyl sits on levitates above the rest of the turntable, leaving your record to float in thin air.

When the record is done floating, legs come up so it can rest while you’re not using it.

The creators MAG-LEV Audio are kickstarting the project, setting their goal at $300,000. With 39 days to go they’ve already reached $21,000 which is not a bad start.

Should it be successfully kickstarted, it will shop to buyers around August 2017.

It looks pretty sexy and you can check out a few views of the player below.

Watch: Levitating Turntable



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