YACHT Try To Apologise Again For Faking Their Own Sex Tape Leak

Following on from the whole fake leaking a fake sex tape to promote their new single scandal, dance pop duo YACHT have come out and issued a second and far more convincing apology than yesterday’s first attempt at reconciling with their fans.

ICYMI, the whole broo-ha-ha kicked off when in a moment of inspired marketing/plain stupidity the band decided that lying to their fanbase was a great way to boost sales. Announcing that a sex tape they made has been leaked on the internet, and then charging fans $5 a pop to watch it as a means of ‘controlling the story’, it was soon revealed the whole story was all a ploy to generate ‘viral marketing’ around their new song I Wanna Fuck You ‘Til We’re Dead.

As it turns out portraying yourself as the victim of an invasion of privacy such as this all in the name of boosting sales in your next release, might actually draw accusations of manipulating of the plight of real victims of revenge porn.

Setting out to try and set the record straight yesterday, Bechtolt and Evans tried to apologise, but instead ended up trying to justify the stunt as a form of art. They also claimed that “even within the fictional narrative we created, there was no violence of exploitation,” despite the fact they used the phrase “this is an exploitation” in their initial claim.

Today, in the face of ever mounting the backlash, YACHT have made an attempt at an actual apology.

“We take full responsibility for what has happened, and we are truly sorry,” the write. “We know we’ve broken a bond of trust with many of our fans and friends. Thank you to those that called us out and helped us to understand the gravity of the mistake we made.

“We should not have hinged this entire project on the fiction that we were the victims of a leaked tape, and we’re equally disappointed in ourselves for taking so long to get over being shocked at the response and write this apology.

“After all is said and done, of course you should be mad at us. We’re mad at us too.”

The band also apologised for yesterday’s “shitty non-apology”.

Despite the fact that they still linked to the video in the new apology, so that people can “see and assess for themselves our intent”, YACHT have assured that while “We clearly didn’t get it then. We get it now.”

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