Anonymous Threatens Iggy Azalea With Sex Tape, Demands Apology To Azealia Banks

Hacker group Anonymous have threatened controversial artist Iggy Azalea with snapshots from an alleged x-rated sex tape of the Australian-born emcee, unless she issues a statement of apology to rival rapper Azealia Banks for “misappropriating black culture”.

The hacktivist outfit also demanded Azalea apologise to New York protesters, stating that the Fancy performer is guilty of “insulting peaceful protesters” and “making light of Eric Garner’s death.”

Anonymous delivered their ultimatum yesterday in a series of tweets aimed at Azalea, giving 48 hours to comply. If Azalea is non-complainant, Anonymous have promised to deliver a “one-way ticket to a life of suffering” by releasing “various snapshots” confirming her alleged involvement in the sex-tape.

Anonymous were careful to note they are “not in the business of porn” and would not actually release the tape, claiming they have “values to live by” and that the idea behind their threat is “not about releasing nudes.”

“The problem is why this tape even exists. It involves a man in a business suit, a kardashian-like attempt at fame, and a record label,” tweeted Anonymous. “This is not just @IggyAzalea’s story. This is a saga of corruption that we will expose.”

According to Anonymous exposing this corrupt saga would not only see Azealea’s “reputation go down the drain” but also a lot of other unnamed “important people.” Anonymous said their actions are part of their commitment to “combatting fakery and lawlessness by the upper class.”

At time of writing, Azealea is yet to response to Anonymous who have clearly sided with Banks in the ongoing feud between the two rappers.

Earlier this month Banks called out Azalea for encroaching on, and exploiting, black culture while avoiding issues concerning black culture after not speaking out against a jury’s decision to not indict an NYPD officer involved the in death of African American man, Eric Garner.

In a more recent interview with HOT 97, Banks again addressed Azealea, claiming the white rapper receives undue accolades, such as her two wins at this year’s American Music Awards, due to the colour of her skin.

“That Iggy Azalea shit is not better than any fucking black girl that’s rapping today,” Banks told HOT 97. “And when they give those awards out, the Grammys are supposed to be accolades for artistic excellence, you get what I mean? Iggy Azalea’s not excellent.”

Banks was eventually moved to tears while speaking about black identity being exploited by other cultures. In response Azealea tweeted that black artists succeed across all genres and that it is Banks’ “piss poor attitude” that is undermining her own success.

“You created your own unfortunate situation by being a bigot and don’t have the mental capacity to realize yet. Probably never will,” tweeted Azealea. “Now! rant, Make it racial! make it political! Make it whatever but I guarantee it won’t make you likable & THATS why ur crying on the radio.”

Banks in turned tweeted her tears has nothing to do with Azealea, whom Banks refers to as “iffy azuzu” and “Itchy Areola” but rather “society and the media in general.” “You are so stupid and selfish to make any of this about yourself in particular,” tweeted Banks.

You can check out tweets from Anonymous, Azealea, and Banks below.

UPDATE 22/12/14: Now rapper and producer Q-Tip has weighed in on the debate via Twitter, offering Iggy Azalea a lesson in the history and socio-political roots of hip hop.

Watch: Azealia Banks – HOT 97 Interview

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