You Can Finally Convert Your Mum To Pop Punk: All Time Low Are Selling Their Own Wine

Good news for emo winos today: All Time Low are selling their very own brand of wine as merch now.

Their brand new vino is dubbed ‘Everything Is Wine’ — get it? Inspired by their track ‘Everything Is Fine,’ the drop will be a classic cab sav.

The wine, which they say is crafted exclusively for All Time Low fans, is available online now.

In the product description they say, “Wine and Music are distant cousins, products of the heart and soul woven together: complex, none the same, each telling a unique story: They anchor us to our memories. Close your eyes and recall the feeling; a song takes you back to a first love, a lasting heartbreak, or just a damn good party…

“It’s a powerful magic, like an invisible string pulling you back in time, rooted in the ambiance of the moment, stirring at the bottom of your glass like a familiar melody stirs up forgotten emotion.

“It is with that in mind that we present you with ‘EVERYTHING IS WINE,’ a Cabernet Sauvignon that we hope you’ll share with friends, family and loved ones on the nights that memories are meant to be made. Throw on your favourite record and raise a toast to the moments that will live on forever at the bottom of this bottle.”

Of course, All Time Low aren’t the first band to create and package their own alcohol. Slipknot and Metallica have also dabbled in the liquor market, both producing whiskies.

The All Time Low boys did a special tasting of Everything Is Wine, have a look below.

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