Your Only Hope Of Getting Avril Lavigne In Your Bedroom

Well, the real story is far more innocent that the title suggests, but the concept is still true. Avril Lavigne is now selling a slightly larger-than-life-sized sticker of herself in the good name of charity.

Diehard fans will be able to purchase the sticker for around $90, and can then enjoy Avril’s company until, well, until they get over the sticker. The piece is a massive 6 feet tall (52″ x 80″ of heavy weight vinyl) which is actually bigger than Avril herself. Since her very recent birthday celebrations, Avril has been talking about a ‘secret item’ that would soon be up for grabs. Now we know what that is.

The “limited edition collector’s item” is “a larger than life Fathead® wall sticker with a never before seen picture of me rocking out to help kids!” All the proceeds from sales will go directly to Avril’s own foundation R.O.C.K.S (Respect, Opportunity, Choices, Knowledge and Strength) which was established to assist children afflicted by serious illnesses or disabilities.

So it looks like even though the punk-turn-pop princess is currently promised to another man, you can still have your very own version of her. And hey, who knows, chances are the sticker will have more personality than her anyway. Sucked in, Chad!

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