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Hanson Take Break From New Album Following Sibling Tension

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 6, 2013

The three Hanson brothers appear to have finally had a taste of what it’s like to really have siblings. Drummer Zac Hanson has explained in an interview that the reason their forthcoming 6th studio album is taking so long is because they’ve decided to take a break from each other following some bitter exchanges.

Speaking to Britain’s Daily Star, Zac has explained that it’s a problem you think the band would be used to, but this is the first time sibling rivalry has reared its ugly head for the 90’s pop darlings: “For the first time ever we started to make an album, then stopped,” he says, “We were fighting to such an extent we said, ‘Let’s take a break'”.

Of course, this is Hanson we’re talking about, so even though they’re in-fighting, there’s still something totally wussy about it. As they continue on their indie rock escapades with the upcoming album Anthem, they’ve found that the fighting and arguing has resulted in better songs: “There was a lot of fight in the album and it created a bigger sound”.

Anthem will be released in the near future, but chances are you’re not reading this to find out about the album but to have a cheeky Saturday afternoon Lol, and Hanson’s expensive. I hope we delivered.

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