Image for Prince Proves Awesomeness, Gets Dave Chappelle For ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ Cover Art

Prince Proves Awesomeness, Gets Dave Chappelle For ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ Cover Art

Written by Mike Hohnen on August 19, 2013

Any doubt that Prince was not in fact a total mad dog has now totally been removed after His Purpleness revealed the artwork for his latest single Breakfast Can Wait, and rather than some pretentious image or symbol, Prince has decided to take the piss out of himself, enlisting Dave Chappelle to get his Prince on once again.

The image features a photo of the great Dave Chappelle as his over the top Prince character, which previously graced our screens on the sorely missed Chappelle’s Show. Prince clearly has a great sense of humour, and paid utmost homage to the homage by immortalising Chapelle’s take on his own self for the single artwork.

As for the track itself, Prince has put sexiness as a high priority, coating the tale of morning sex in a sexy layer of sex. Though currently available for sale, the track is yet to make its way online but you can check out a brief snippet below.

Having only spent a day or two on the wild, wild web, Prince has already won it. Last week he demonstrated his working knowledge of Twitter and released the brand-new track Groove Potential from his 3rd Eye Girl project.

Listen: Prince – Breakfast Can Wait (snippet)


(Via TMN)

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