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PSY Announces Australian Promo Tour On October 15

Written by Kiel Egging on October 3, 2012

It was inevitable – and to be honest, I’m surprised Virgin Mobile hasn’t booted Doug Pitt and brought him down here already.

Australia is going to be swept by Gangnam Style fever on October 15 when South Korea’s man-of-the-moment Psy arrives on our shores for a promo tour.

News Limited reports that Psy will be dropping into Sydney for performances of Gangnam Style on Channel 7 shows Sunrise and The X-Factor.  The X-Factor performance was also confirmed by host Luke Jacobz at the end of tonight’s results show.

This means, there’s a good chance that Koshie and Mel will be doing the horse dance which has sent the world into a frenzy with quite a few other punters in Martin Place.  You have been warned.  It could look a little like what happened on the Today show in the USA – which you can watch below.

There’s no other details yet on whether Psy will be jetting in to any other cities or do any other appearances during his visit.

Psy’s Gangnam Style video has scored more than 343 million views on YouTube and is on track to be the most viewed music video on YouTube in history.

Gangnam Style also knocked Guy Sebastian’s Battle Scars off the top of the ARIA Charts this week after a six-week reign at No.1.  

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