‘Gangnam Style’ Star PSY Inspired By Queen

If you’ve ever wondered who or what was responsible for South Korean popstar PSY, his single Gangnam Style and its awful follow-up Gentleman, we finally have the unlikely answer – it’s Queen and Freddie Mercury, with a little help from Robbie Williams.

The musician told The Sun that he watched the British rock legends’ 1986 Live At Wembley Stadium tape on loop as a teenager in South Korea, inspiring his own foray into the music business:

“If it wasn’t for Queen at Wembley, I wouldn’t be a pop star. When I was growing up I would watch Freddie Mercury with all those fans in the palm of his hand. He is the best.”

PSY has also stated that Robbie Williams is partially responsible for his success, “Robbie was one of the first to tweet Gangnam Style so I feel I owe him a lot.” Thanks for that Robbie.

PSY is currently experiencing how quickly the tides of popularity can turn, with an entire stadium of football fans booing him during his performance at the Italian Cup Final half time show, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong labelling him “the herpes of music” and his latest single, Gentleman, quickly plummeting in the US charts.

We can only hope he invested those Gangnam Style dollars wisely.

WATCH:PSY booed by football fans during Italian Cup Final half time show.

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