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Soundwave Flare Culprit Caught Red-Handed In New Video

Written by Mike Hohnen on February 25, 2013

AJ Maddah has been sent a perfectly clear screenshot of a video purporting to show the person who set off one of several flares that caused havoc at Soundwave Sydney last night. The video has been given to police by a diligent Soundwave Sydney patron.

We can’t be sure whether this was in the Metallica crowd or if this was one of the Bring Me The Horizon flares but according to @H_Lamont, the Twitter user who sent it to Maddah, the video has been handed to police to assist with their investigation and is possibly connected to the girl who was severely burned at Bring Me The Horizon. There is still no word on whether the same person was responsible for flares lit at Metallica and BMTH, and AJ says he is waiting for a “full security report”.

There’s really no doubt that the person depicted is holding a flare. Better yet, you can make his face out perfectly. He’s sure to be in a lot of trouble very soon. This guy really needs to get reported to the police so share this around, help identify this guy and get some internet justice going on.

UPDATE: Diligent internet detectives have already pointed out that the trees in the background of the shot clearly mark this as the Bring Me The Horizon set, meaning this is almost certainly a picture of the person responsible for the injuries caused last night. Others claim to recognise the person in the photo as the same person lighting flares at Metallica. AJ has said that the man’s name and address is known to police and that he is “not that popular with his own ‘friends'”. Clearly.

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