Bring Me The Horizon’s New Video For ‘Follow You’ Is A God Damn Motherfucking Horror Movie

Ho. Ly. Shit.

Bring Me The Horizon may be the furthest from metal that they’ve ever sounded, but their new video for Follow You is probably the most metal thing they’ve ever done.

It’s a gruesome, NSFW fucking bloodbath that’s been likened to a cross between The Purge and the remake of Dawn Of The Dead with a kills-per-minute body count that probably rivals the latest Rambo.

Legit: 30 seconds into BMTH and chill and A DOG GETS ITS FUCKING FACE BLOWN OFF WITH A SHOTGUN.


Which is kind of odd when you consider the fact that frontman Oli Sykes, who co-directed the clip, is a vegan, PETA supporter and known dog-rescuer.

But I suppose blowing a golden retriever’s brains out is totally kosher as long as it’s CGI. The band certainly seems to be taking the piss:

Anyway, the doggy demolition kicks off a rapid-fire montage of gruesome AF scenes of hectic violence, including a screaming woman trapped in a car being wailed on by psychos with crowbars and sledgehammers.

The whole thing is a god damn motherfucking horror movie.

But at least it’s a blockbuster one.

“See what the world will be like if trump wins,” Sykes posted on Twitter by way of video teaser.

Translation: zombie apocalypse.

Follow You comes hot off BMTH’s chart-smashing new crossover album That’s The Spirit.

If you’ve got a strong stomach or are one of those weird people who gets off on horror porn, check out the video below.

PS don’t forget the Sheffield rockers are touring Australia this September.

But if you catch them at one of their dates, maybe just leave Fido at home.

Warning: Contains graphic imagery

Watch: Bring Me The Horizon – Follow You


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