Calling All Cars

Hold, Hold, Fire
March 19, 2010

Goddamn, how lucky do we have it musically in this country right now? There are so many good bands and artists, I sometimes wonder why we bother with any of the hype bands from across the pond. Not only have the opportunities to get your music out to the public increased, the quality of albums being released has also substantially risen.

Calling All Cars debut album instantly hooks you in. The power of the music and depth in song writing make it hard to not be drawn into their brand of modern Australian rock. Sometimes sounding more straight up hardcore punk, sometimes leaning towards alternative, mostly it’s balls out rock n’ roll. Within the first three tracks you begin to understand why the band got the call to support AC/DC on their recent run of shows in Australia.

Gaining a reputation through solid live performances, Hold, Hold, Fire carries that great sound onto disc. Think early After The Fall, Kisschasy and Trial Kennedy and you begin to get an idea where their sound is coming from. Stand out tracks are ‘Disconnect’, ‘Not Like Anybody’, ‘Animal’ and ‘How Long’.

Mature, powerful, riff driven rock the way it should be done, Calling All Cars have created a foundation to build their careers on, and build a loyal fan base behind.

Hold, Hold, Fire is available now. Find it on Calling All Cars - Hold, Hold, Fire

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