April 18, 2011

This record has more of a bite and edge to it than to some of their earlier material. The edge serves the band well with this record and moves them away from that preppy, pop rock to a mature and sophisticated band. The music may be a touch darker, but the songs have a lasting effect and less throw away than some of the Jebs back catalogue. There is still a level of catchiness there to keep you hooked in, Lost My Nerve and first single She’s A Comet are examples of this.

The band worked on the album for the best part of two years, fine tuning until they had the perfect collection of songs to present as a completed work. Kosciousko is a complete album. There are no filler tracks on here and requires you to listen from start to finish without wanting to hit the skip button. It’s a musician’s album with the varying time signatures and experimental melody lines, unlike previous Jebediah material, and comes across as a more mature record. There’s still the hint of punk fury in Under The Bed, but for most part this album moves into that Australian contemporary rock genre and replaces the void left by Powderfinger in sound, emotion and listenability.

The fear I have is that this album will go largely unnoticed by the public and that would be a shame. It certainly has elements of being a classic record.