Josef Salvat – Night Swim

February 15, 2016

Dripping with drama, the sensual late-night electro-pop beats of Josef Salvat’s long-awaited debut album Night Swim will certainly inspire a skinny dip or two. Yep, you can add this guy to your “music to get you in the mood” playlist STAT.

While Open Season and This Life off his EP In Your Prime and his cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds had critics originally hailing him as the “male Lana Del Ray”, Night Swim proves there’s far more to this man than just some sultry vocals. As far as comparisons go, Salvat could carve out his own space somewhere in-between Chet Faker, Years & Years and Gotye with a touch of The Weeknd.

Sweeping and cinematic, Night Swim will demand your full attention from the opening bar. Lyrically you’re looking at everything from love and lust to obsession and betrayal – minus the clichés (okay, so maybe a few slip through the net but they’re forgivable).

This is an album of radio-ready chart toppers, especially the anthemic ParadiseCloser and ’80s inspired Constant Runners. But don’t be fooled, there’s substance to this sweet synth-pop. While Salvat has admitted to feeling that “restraint is underrated,” when it comes to pop music and that his “natural tendency is to go over the top, every time,” he manages to strike the perfect balance. The transition from ballads to bangers just works. Sure, stylistically it’s a little all over the place, but it is worth going along with – expect the unexpected type of stuff.

Scattered between the bold dance tracks, lurk the moody and mysterious HustlerShoot & Run and Till I Found You, showcasing the album’s well-developed dark side. While title track Night Swim is perfectly understated and a definite highlight.

This original and complex debut LP is obviously straight from the heart. “The reason I make this type of music is because I like it. It’s that simple,” explains Salvat. “Compared to other things in my life, music is something I don’t have to think about very much, because it’s instinctive, and relatively instant. And when I’m actually making it, I don’t care; I just want to do what I do.”

Emotional and euphoric – take a deep breath and dive right in.

Night Swim is out February 19.

Josef Salvat – Open Season