The Heart of the Nightlife

Written by Gregory Koumoukelis

The L.A based disco pop group that is Kisses has released a highly anticipated debut album titled The Heart of the Nightlife. The Australian edition includes some bonus tracks with Hot Chip, Saint Etienne and Active Child featuring. Since the release Kisses have created quite a following in the disco-pop scene and it doesn’t surprise me that they have.

The album begins with the colourful synthesiser intro from their self titled Kisses. It sets the tone for the rest of the album a euphoric and chilled disco sound. It, in the words of Jesse Kivel (vocalist), takes people out of their everyday lives and creates an entrance into a whole new world. It’s the type of song you would listen to on a warm summer day at the beach with a bunch of mates.

Earlier this year, Kisses released their most popular songs: Bermuda and People can do the most amazing things. Since then they have been drowning in a number of accolades from NME, The Guardian, Pitchfork and a kagillion more.

The album wafts through chilled rhythms to electric sequences with songs like the Arthur Russel-esque Bermuda to the highlight that is People can do the most amazing things.

When listening to Kisses a number of groups come to mind: Arthur Russel, New Order, Belle & Sebastian and, what they claim to be their most influential artist, Alex R Constandinos. All of the artists have their own unique form of music. This is why Jesse says When you’re younger you have this idea of what disco is, but over time i realised how powerful that music is. And now it is the time for Jesse Kivel on the vocals and Zinzi Edmundson on keyboard to be the next disco pop sensation.

There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t get Kisses debut album Heart of the Nightlife it’s the sort of music that you’d take home.

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