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People Under The Stairs

Written by Michael Carr

Now if you’ve never heard of People Under The Stairs, well I’m sorry but you need to be bitch slapped. With their name taken from an 80’s horror movie about some crazy geezer who keeps mutants… that’s right under the stairs, this LA based duo are considered one of the most prominent acts in underground hip-hop.

Their style is as old school as natural childbirth, heavily influenced by A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde, and their music the way hip-hop should sound, and Fun DMC is yet another prime example of their impeccable rhymsmithery.
They’ve played here about three time in the last few years, opening for Blackalicious and Q-Bert as well as De La Soul during the Sydney Festival, delivering top notch live hip-hop, with their show rife with audience participation and lots of stupidly amusing jokes and jibes.

The album itself isn’t exactly pushing any boundaries. It’s the same sort of funk and soul tinged hip-hop they’ve been making for the last decade, but with a sound this good, why change it?

The production is heavy with the sounds of laid-back guitars and smooth bass over beats bouncier than your mother’s fat ass. The rhymes are amazing, they use their voices to give the music dynamics, with all the rhythmic and melodic variation coming from the MC rather than the DJ.

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