Turns Out Hip-Hop Is The Most Popular Genre In The World

More people listen to hip-hop than any other musical genre in the world, according to new figures from Spotify.

The streaming service launched a pretty bitchin’ new musical map of the world feature this week, which analyses the listening habits of its users and then crunches the data to reveal listening trends for over 1,000 different cities across the globe.

And Spotify has used the results to create over 1,000 unique playlists specific to each region, which are updated twice a month. What we supposedly get is a list of songs which “define” each city.

For instance, right now, Sydneysiders are loving Golden Features, while Melbournians are jamming on Hermitude.

Residents of Adelaide, Hobart and Perth, meanwhile, are blasting Drapht, something which has probably helped Spotify draw the conclusion that hip-hop is the world’s most listened-to genre.

As NME reports, results from the map show hip-hop tracks appearing on more playlists per city than any other genre of music.

Although, there could be a number of other factors apart from simply the popularity of hip-hop that may have impacted the results – including the availability of hip-hop songs on Spotify compared to other genres, the inclusivity of the genre itself, and the use of Spotify in social settings (where, let’s face it, the crunk bangerz are going to come out).

The findings come hot on the heels of research by a group of London academics, which suggests the hip-hop genre was more culturally game-changing than The Beatles.


Check out Spotify’s music map for yourself, below.

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