Robert DeLong

In The Cards
September 14, 2015

Credit where credit is due, Washington native Robert DeLong holds more than just the same name as a certain ex-Blink 182 member. What most without a penchant for EDM would down grade as pure rubbish is, in Robert’s case, an intelligent and compelling mesh of vibrant highs and driving low sounds with lucid lyricism and a technically imperfect yet charming vocal performance.

But most of all, DeLong proves that he can form a great tune for just about any scenario.

If it’s shaking club-thrashers that you’re after, the opening Calvin Harris-esque title track holds just that, with the thumping drive of the bass line that riles you up enough to pogo around your room for the whole 4 minutes. Sellin’ U Somethin is another hip-shaking 3.5 minutes that you can really picture coursing through a sweated dance-floor, though it’s by no means the best track.

Electronic-pop fusions? Look no further than second track Long Way Down, a jangly pacey wave of broodier tones and explosive pauses. The subsequent track Jealousy is another pop-licious number, with chirpy synthesisers and a chorus vocal that oddly enough echoes Adam Levine’s (Maroon 5) dulcet tones.

A more abstract electronic canvas can be found in MNDR feature Born To Break, with a soundscape that starts sparse and builds to explosion.

Then there’s Acid Rain, sounding like slightly psychedelic at the beginning but plateaus nicely with an incessant bop.

Pass Out, the tenth track, is a drum-n-bass infused outing with dubstep tendencies, oddly out of place with the rest of the album but still decent.

By the time you get closing track That’s What We Call Love, another dreamy amalgamation of soaring and subdued vocals, solitary piano chords and other reverberating tinkles, the conclusion hits you.

This album is Robert DeLong’s updated CV. A basic run down of his capabilities, this album feels like DeLong’s olive branch to a whole range of electronic communities in order to gain recognition, and better yet, respect.

It’s a bold move, while most would just stick to one niche and drive themselves into the ground for it; DeLong has fucked off all restraints to make an album that boasts an eclectic palette.

As an artist who is incredibly understated, hopefully this album will give him the recognition he deserves.

‘In The Cards’ is out now via Liberator.

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