Tilly and The Wall

September 14, 2008

In the first instance, this review nearly never happened – for once I heard track 5 ‘Alligator Skin’ it was on repeat for near on a week. Why? Well it is as catchy as herpes with hand claps a go go – 2 minutes and 20 seconds of pop-tastic joy. I dig it.

Secondly your honour, I want it on the record that I am a girl. So I am allowed to like songs such as these.

As to the diversity of (O), exhibit a; the mellow beginning on Tall Tall Grass – delicate guitar strums and harmonious lady vocals that hit the high notes only an absence of testicles can allow.

Lead single Pot Kettle Black smacks you in the face and picks up the pace. It is a foot stomping, hand clapping, anthem chant – that gives me fizzy knickers when thinking about screaming this at a festival and it has hit summer single written all over it.

(O) was produced by Mike Mogis (Connor Oberst aka Bright Eyes, Lightspeed Champion and Rilo Kiley) and in addition to building a tack piano for certain songs, you can hear how the band have toyed with percussion throughout. By recording through a variety of different amplifiers and floors the band have given each song it’s own distinct rhythm amongst this sonically experimental masterpiece.

I fucking heart.

I rest my case.