Late Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain’s Crime Novel Is Becoming A TV Series

The legacy of late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is continuing to live on, with his second novel, the crime fiction yarn Gone Bamboo, now coming to TV.

Bourdain — whose fans include Pearl JamQOTSA’s Josh Homme and Iggy Pop to name a few — penned the self-proclaimed “sociopath beach book” back in 1997.

Set on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, the novel follows the story of Henry Denard, a “sharpshooting hedonistic assassin” who screws up the biggest hit of his career and enlists the help of his wife, Helen, to get the job done and keep the peace on the island.

As Deadline reports, the rights to the book have been snapped up by Gone In Sixty Seconds producers Webster and Robert Stone.

“Tony might have had a real career as a crime novelist if those damn travel shows didn’t keep getting in the way,” Stone said of the late author’s talent for murder fiction, which gave way to his much different third book Kitchen Confidential, which became the basis for the 2005 comedy series of the same name starring Bradley Cooper in the role of Bourdain.

At the moment, there are no casting confirmations or details of a release date for the TV show, but we’ll keep you looped.

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