LeBron James To Do Space Jam 2?

Possibly the most exciting news this week, LeBron James is open to doing a sequel to the Loony Tunes flick Space Jam. Yeah, you read that right, we could be seeing Bugs Bunny and his mates return to the basketball court to face off against the MonStars to hopefully claim victory.

For children of the 90s, Space Jam was a cultural landmark combining the world’s love for Basketball with the children’s admiration for Tweety Bird and the rest of the gang. Of course, the true icon of the film was the world’s greatest basketball player Michael Jordan, who won the nail-biting match between the TuneSquad and the MonStars through his amazing dunking ability.

The match itself (apparently) showed children the power of perseverance; however, I don’t think the kids really cared about that, more the fact that MJ and Co won the match. I distinctly remember my brother and I pretending we were professional basketballers months after first seeing the film (nice one James). Having easily become one of the era’s most nostalgic moments (alongside CrazyBones and The Fresh Prince of BelAir) I’m sure that a fair few people are currently losing their minds over this possibility. Thanks to Pedestrian for alerting me to this life-changing news.

The Miami Heat forward, who recently became the only player since MJ himself to claim a Finals MVP, regular season MVP, NBA Championship and Olympic gold medal in one year, began the buzz when a fan posed the question to him via Twitter, to which he replied “I love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2”. Obviously this is a long shot, but it needs to happen. I’m nearly convinced that it would be the highest grossing cartoon of the year, unless they make it 3D. Anyway, in the words of Jock Jams, Are You Ready For This? because I definitely am.

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