LeBron James Dresses As Prince For Halloween, Slays ‘Purple Rain’

Even sport stars want to be rock stars it seems, LeBron James having cracked out the high heels and make up for his on point Prince costume for Halloween this year.

But wait, the fun didn’t stop there, with James also treating/holding hostage his team mates for a performance of some Prince classics including of course Purple Rain.

He really went all out on this one, even miming along on guitar and stripping down to just his blouse for When Doves Cry, once again showcasing the dedication and passion that has surely helped him scale the heights of the sporting world.

Quite the showman, James gave his all in a performance that has made even Prince proud, the great purple one having re-posted the videos on his own Instagram.

Anyway check out the incredible footage below and know that this is an amazing time to be alive.

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