Rebel Wilson To Host MTV Movie Awards In April

It’s hard to believe that the chick from Bogan Pride will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards, but that’s exactly what’s going to be happening in Hollywood in April.

Australian actress Rebel Wilson has scored the biggest gig of her career, with MTV’s head honchos giving her the plum job for the event, set to take place in Los Angeles on April 14.

Wilson – who scored her big breakthrough via her performance in Bridesmaids – follows in the footsteps of Russell Brand, Jason Sudeikis and Mike Myers, all of whom have hosted the golden popcorn extravaganza in the past.

And, speaking of golden popcorn, exactly who is getting it is the focus of the newly-released teaser video to promote the awards.

Wilson is chained and beaten by Matt Lucas and a couple of extra officers, who are demanding information, presumably over who the winners of the Awards are.

Who knows what Wilson has in store for the awards, but hopefully, she has better one-liners than what she churned out at the diabolical 2010 ARIA Awards, which she co-hosted in character with Natalie Bassingthwaite and Dylan Lewis. After Powderfinger won an award, she quipped: “Powderfinger… more like, Powder-Awesome”.

Check out the promo video below:

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