Watch Kylie Minogue Read Nick Cave’s Very Nick Cave Rejection Letter To MTV

What you’re about to see is something so evocative of Nick Cave that it’s probably best described as ‘Cavian’ — it’s Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue trying not to smirk while reading a letter the Bad Seeds frontman sent to MTV back in 1996, rejecting his MTV Award nomination for Best Male Artist. Cave’s eloquent […]


MTV Australia Launches Two New Music Channels

In a bid to reinvigorate their Australian programming and cement it as part of their global structure, MTV Australia have announced the launch of two new music channels, MTV Dance, and the somewhat redundantly named MTV Music, set to begin broadcasting this December. As part of a larger push towards centralisation, the broadcasting duties for […]


Rebel Wilson To Host MTV Movie Awards In April

It’s hard to believe that the chick from Bogan Pride will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards, but that’s exactly what’s going to be happening in Hollywood in April. Australian actress Rebel Wilson has scored the biggest gig of her career, with MTV’s head honchos giving her the plum job for the event, set to […]

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