Set Up Shop comp offers shopfront spaces for artists

Plebs, read on – freeloading has now been officially sanctioned by Sydney’s culture vultures.

Sydney’s pop-up obsession has reached new heights with the new Set Up Shop competition. FBi Radio and The Rocks Pop Up Project are offering two artists or collectives a free six-week residency right in the middle of the old town.

Our parents called it squatting, but we prefer the term ‘pop up’. There are two empty spaces just waiting to be the new home of your zine store, artist-run gallery, screenprinting workshop, open studio, performance site, workshop space, three-dimensional installation….whatever, really. You’ll be part of the new, temporary The Rocks Pop Up Project creative crew – a bunch of designers, artists, sculptors, jewelers, writers and general creative freaks who’ve taken over a vacant heritage buildings in the Rocks.

Sydney can be a harsh city, squeezing people for time, space and cash. So FBi and The Rocks Pop Up Project aren’t just shouting your rent. Promo materials and a launch party are also part of the deal.

Get onto it – entries close on August 21.

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