The Simpsons Do Harlem Shake, Renamed ‘Homer Shake’

Baauer must be losing his shit right about now. His Harlem Shake craze has gone so viral that the world’s most popular and iconic animated family have jumped on the bandwagon.

Yep, The Simpsons have done their own version of the Harlem Shake – except that in true Springfield style, they’ve renamed their take on it The Homer Shake. Naturally, Homer’s famous catch cry of “D’oh” is also featured repetitively in the background of the song.

The Homer Shake starts off pretty typical to most Harlem Shake vids – the family are sitting on the couch, doing their own thing, except Maggie’s the only one spinning around and getting her groove on.

She keeps up the pace once the beat drops, while Homer strips down to his undies and bangs his chest, and Marge piles out some push-ups. Lisa and Bart both have a boogie – the former donning a giant carbon copy of her head – while Bart whacks his ‘Bartman’ cape on.

And right after that, a whole bunch of Springfield’s finest personalities also go nuts in the family’s lounge room. Of note, groundskeeper Willy is revving up his ride-on mower, Ralph is hanging from the fan, and Mayor Quimby is rockin’ out shirtless in a ‘Sexy Mayor’ sash. Ewww. Check out The Homer Shake at the bottom of the page.

Baauer’s Harlem Shake is currently sitting on top of the ARIA Singles Charts. Music Feeds will be bringing him out here for a series of club gigs around the country in late April and early May: click here for details on those shows.

Watch: The Simpsons – The Homer Shake:

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