Harlem Shake


Man Falls Into Fire Pit Doing ‘Harlem Shake’, Fad Goes Up In Flames

It’s hard to imagine how the four people in this video thought their attempt at a Harlem Shake would end well. It’s almost as though they’ve never watched Funniest Home Videos, for if they had they would have realised they were in the perfect setting for things to go wrong. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately […]


Baauer In Hot Water Over Unlicensed ‘Harlem Shake’ Samples

Having previously blasted Azealia Banks for her supposedly unauthorised use of his track Harlem Shake, the tables have now turned on DJ/Producer Baauer – he’s been busted by two separate artists for using their voices without permission in the worldwide smash and his record label Mad Decent has been dragged into the firing line with […]


The Simpsons Do Harlem Shake, Renamed ‘Homer Shake’

Baauer must be losing his shit right about now. His Harlem Shake craze has gone so viral that the world’s most popular and iconic animated family have jumped on the bandwagon. Yep, The Simpsons have done their own version of the Harlem Shake – except that in true Springfield style, they’ve renamed their take on […]


Azealia Banks In Twitter War With ‘Harlem Shake’ Producer

Azealia Banks has let loose on Twitter after the producer of the song/dance craze-of-the-moment Harlem Shake instructed SoundCloud to take down a version of her rapping over the track. Banks hit out at Baauer for ‘coccblockin’ her interpretation of the hit track, which, fittingly enough, led to Baauer replying with a reason behind his actions, […]

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