‘Thor: The Dark World’ Full-Length Trailer Looks All Sorts Of Bad Ass

The official trailer for the sequel to the hugely successful Thor film franchise has dropped overnight, consequently blowing the minds of fans the world over. The action-packed blockbuster is sure to see the Norse god unleash unprecedented levels of mayhem as he yet again battles to save Earth.

Chris Hemsworth has once again reprised his role as the all-mighty Avenger, as is the appropriate thing to do, given just how dreamy… I mean, tough he looks. Fan favourites such as Loki, Odin and whoever Natalie Portman plays all remain in the fold.

The exact storyline is still somewhat unclear though rest assured it won’t be too far removed from that of any Marvel film, really – the wise cracking superhero destroying an enemy he brought here all in the name of love. But who doesn’t enjoy that?

Thor: The Dark World will be released in cinemas around the world Friday, 8th November.

Watch: Thor: The Dark World Official Trailer

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