Watch: Jason Russell’s ‘KONY 2012’ Meltdown – Close Up Footage

Close up footage has emerged of Jason Russell’s ‘KONY 2012’ meltdown thanks to TMZ. Russell can be seen running around the street naked, swearing and ranting something about the devil.

Russell is currently being held on 5150 psychiatric hold; police have confirmed he will not be charged with a criminal offense.

Watch: Jason Russell’s ‘KONY 2012’ Meltdown

The ‘Kony 2012‘ campaign went viral on the internet earlier in March. The 29-minute documentary is titled after the infamous leader of the Ugandan guerrilla group LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). It depicts a war-torn child, named Jacob, who is a former LRA child soldier, and his struggle for awareness about the issues that Joseph Kony has caused.

Watch KONY 2012 here

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