Watch: ‘KONY 2012’ Sequel (Part 2)

The Invisible Children Foundation have released a sequel to the ‘KONY 2012‘ video in a bid to push ahead with the ‘Cover the Night’ nationwide awareness-raising event, scheduled for April 20.

The first video became one of the biggest viral campaigns the world has ever seen and has already gained over 85 million YouTube views. However, following the success of the video there have been some major problems for the organisation, the main one being the Naked Meltdown of the campaign’s producer, Jason Russell. The Meldown occurred on a busy street in the US, and Russell was detained by police before being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Since then, critics have attacked the Invisible Children Foundation, even going as far as labelling the whole thing a big scam.

A man who fought in Joesph Kony’s army suggested that Kony himself had in fact used ‘Vodoo Magic’ to bring on Russell’s meltdown in an attempt to ruin the credibility of the campaign.

The Ugandan prime minister came out and said that Joseph Kony wasn’t even in Uganda anymore.

Have a watch of the sequel and let us know in the comments section below what you think…

Watch: KONY 2012 Sequel

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