The New Pollution: # 023 – Savages

Savages take the award for “most recently formed band at the time of writing” so ask your friends if they’ve heard of them if you want to sound like you’ve just got back from London.

A collaboration by members from London band Neurotic Mass Movement (relations music on par with Howling Bells and Interpol) and French garage band John and Jehn, Savages have played only a handful of gigs in London’s trendier suburbs. I was immediately entranced by (lead singer) Camille Berthomier’s face, vocal style and stage presence. Also because, as my girlfriend put it after one listen, “she isn’t singing all myah myah blahhh” (i.e. Lisa Mitchell or Pearl and the Puppets…. ugh). The video I’m referring to will remind you of Patti Smith, Joy Division and The Stooges. There is also a definite no-wave vibe buzzing through (Lydia Lunch in particular).

Since there’s not much in this world cooler than lo-fi French indie rock bands without even an EP available yet, check out Savages or risk  sounding like a big lame at your next warehouse loft party.


Savages – City’s Full


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