The New Pollution: # 007 – Summer Camp

Summer Camp are a British duo that make bubbly American-inspired indie-pop songs. There’s a lot of synth going on, as well as disturbing lyrics, but the back and forth between singer Elizabeth Sankey and instrumentalist Jeremy Warmsley (who has previously toured with The Shins and Regina Spektor) make the 80s throwback complete.

Sankey and Warmsley teamed up in late 2009 and released Young EP about a year later. The band were initially described as shy, submitting polaroids of random (stereotypically Californian) 70s kids to the London music press for their bios. Nowadays, Summer Camp are all over Youtube and are slowly beginning their take-over of a dance floor near you. Their first LP, Welcome To Condale, came out on Halloween last year. I’d like to think this was a coincidence, but given the apparent love of all things culturally significant in America, it wouldn’t surprise me if their first American tour coincides with Thanksgiving 2012.

Summer Camp’s influences include The Beach Boys, The Go-Gos, XTC and The Shangri-Las, not to mention Sixteen Candles, shoulder pads and John Cusack wearing fingerless gloves.


Summer Camp – Better Off Without You

Summer Camp – Down



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