15 Richard Kingsmill Unearthed Reviews Which Sound Like PornHub Comments

Benevolent overlord and music director of Triple J, Richard Kingsmill, is one of the most powerful figures in the Australian music scene, ruling over us all from his throne in Ultimo atop a pile of discarded mix-tapes and USB sticks. Having his hand in a lot of the national youth broadcaster’s dealings, Dicky also contributes as a reviewer to the Triple J Unearthed site, posting his snappy summaries of fresh new tunes, whacking a couple of stars on it, and giving an up and coming musician a tidy quote for their next press release.

It’s come to our attention, however, that a lot of these reviews, sound a lot like someone talking about fucking. Sexytimes. The ol’ no pants dance. Scrolling through his reviewer page, we found a nearly endless series of write-ups, which could easily be Kingy texting a mate about a root he pulled last night, or even, typing up his thoughts after a particularly moving Redtube video.

Now I’m not implying that Daddy Kingsmill punches out his Unearthed reviews on one tab with ‘Petite Blonde double penetrated’ playing on PornHub on another (incognito) tab, but I’m not, NOT, implying that either.

Anyway, here’s 15 times Richard Kingsmill’s Unearthed reviews sounded like PornHub comments. Enjoy.

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