7 Reasons You Should Listen To Allday’s New Album, By Allday

Allday’s highly anticipated debut full-length release, ‘Startup Cult’, is out today and for those who need a little extra convincing before loosening those purse strings the Adelaide rapper himself is here to tell you why you should pull your finger out and stump up.

7 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Allday’s New Album

by Allday

1. Because I really, really tried hard to make it good. Like really hard.

Most days we would go to the studio at 10am and not leave until 12 or 1am. Over Christmas I got so stressed about making a good album that I got really sick and couldn’t keep any food down because my body would reject it. I also got shingles from the stress and lack of sleep. Anything somebody cares about that much can’t totally suck, right?

2. Because it’s not mainstream yet.

There’s nothing better than being the first one in your friendship group to discover a band. Imagine when all your friends are listening to me and you can say, “remember when I first showed you his video in 2014?” Everyone will know you as the cool one who gets onto trends early, wow such Indie.

Watch: Allday – You Always Know The DJ

3. Because if I get rich from music, I’ll spent it on worthwhile things.

I will probably open an animal shelter. I’ll definitely help to feed the homeless. I can’t even walk down Smith Street without all the bums harassing me because they know I always empty my wallet out for them. In this day and age when you get to choose whether or not to pay for music, why not give your money to somebody who won’t be a cunt with it.

4. Because I have no other options in life.

Besides rapping, I truly am a human devoid of any abilities or skills that might contribute positively to the world. I am so pale and sun sensitive that I could never work outdoors. My weak arms and baby-soft hands have never seen a day of work.

Ok, so I make up for that with intelligence and book smarts right? Nope, it took me two tries to finish year 12 and even then my tertiary entrance rank was 45. When I made it to university, I dropped out. Three times. I am unemployable. Rapping is the only thing I’m good at, and I NEED you to like me.

5. Just because.

allday screen shot

6. Because my Nanna isn’t proud of me lately.

She was proud of me for a bit when I didn’t swear in my Like A Version but then I posted the picture of her congratulating me about not swearing and now she’s ignoring me.

I think I need to climb the charts to win her approval back. Or maybe just not breach her privacy to 90,000 people.

7. Because it’s actually good.

There I said it. It’s a good album. The songs are good. I feel like such a dick writing that about my own music but I ran out of reasons. Just give it a chance okay???? Thanks.

‘Startup Cult’ was released today via ONETWO, and is currently sitting at #2 on the iTunes charts. Help make it #1 here.


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