A Red Letter Day Presents: Uncorrected

Always love going to gigs, so many bands inspire us to get to their level.

Q. What influenced you to enter an A Red Letter Day Band Comp? Was it the opportunity to play to a live audience? The chance to win some fantastic prizes? Or another reason?

We have been playing a Red Letter Day comps since early last year in the old band Future Forgotten.  Love the opportunity to play live, meet bands and have a great time. As time has gone on the bands comps have gotten better with quality and quantity which is great to see! Would love to have the the Aussie music scene as big as the music scene in America.

Q. How was it for you playing to a live audience? Did you get the crowd reaction that you thought you would?

We love playing infront of an audience, always get good feedback which is really great to hear. The crowd reaction was very unexpected, we had so much support from people we did not even know which was excellent to hear, always puts a smile on my face.

Q. Is there anything you think you need to improve on musically?

As every band, there are things which need to be improved, but its all a learning process. Right now we are writing our new EP and we are very happy with the way that is going, we are acheiving what we didnt in the last demo. But in five years when we are touring the world, we will have to come back to this question 😉

Q. Do you think you’ll enter more band comps run by A Red Letter Day?

We sure will hit up these competitions, and are currently looking for more now. We love playing any gig we can cause its all about the music and  connecting with the audience.

Q. Is entering an A Red Letter Day Band Comp something you would recommended to other up-and-coming bands/acts?

Yes it definately is, its fun, its professional and it is where all bands starting out play before they hit the big time, so every band should get out and play these shows.

If there is anything else you would like to add (interesting anecdotes, feedback etc, etc), please don’t hesitate to do so.

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